Beauty at the Bins


The Goodwill Outlet holds many things, though few of them can be described as beautiful. The large bins (hence the nickname), are filled with, well, everything. Shoes, clothing, housewares, furniture, bras, books, and undies. Yes, undies. I know, I’ve painted a lovely picture for you. Oh, did I mention how crowded and hectic it gets in that big warehouse? So why do I continue to shop there–why do I get SO excited to dig through those bins? Because every now and again, you find beauty within those heaps. Case in point, this vintage dress. It was buried under piles of clothes, but something about the print drew me in. I pulled it out and marveled at its unique shape and sweet details. The cut of the skirt, the slouchy pockets, the metal zipper. It is a true vintage beauty and so worth the effort.

_MG_5358_MG_5341_MG_5342_MG_5361_MG_5366_MG_5346Details: Vintage dress, $1, Goodwill Outlet// Heels, $15, Poshmark

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