Our Wedding day!


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When friends and co-workers asked how my wedding day was, I smile from ear to ear and say “magical.” That’s the only way I can describe it. From the decor, to the weather, to the flowers, to my dress, to the vows, every single thing was absolutely beautiful. I was so worried that something would go wrong or my visions wouldn’t come to life, but everything came together wonderfully and it was the wedding of my dreams. With all of the anticipation leading up to the big day, you would think I would have been nervous as I was getting ready, but I felt at ease. I just kept thinking about how this was what Christopher and I had worked so hard for and agonized over for months. It was time to celebrate and rejoice–I was finally marrying the love of my life!

I hope you enjoy these photos and thank you so much to everyone who has wished us well in our new chapter as husband and wife!

Thank you to the people who made my wedding day so special:
Hair & Make-Up: Wild Heart Beauty
Flowers: Beautiful by Nature
Cake: Ettore’s
Photography: Christina Best Photography
Officiant: Reverand Jeri Murphy
Dress (Ceremony): Second Summer Bride
Dress (Reception): Enchanted Bridal (closed)


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